This test will take approximately 60 minutes

  • Renal Artery Duplex
    Abnormal Aorta Duplex
    • Night before exam have nothing to eat or drink after midnight (12:00 A.M)

      Morning of exam, patients should not eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum.

      Diabetic medication may be taken as usual with a small amount of water

      Patients should take two (2) Simethicon/Gas-X pills twenty (20) minutes prior to exam

    All other medication can be taken after testing is complete.

    Gas-X is available over the counter at any local pharmacy, store brand is fine

  • Mesenteric Artery Duplex
    • Nothing to eat, drink, smoke, or chew after midnight (12:00) prior to exam. (no water or Gas-X)

    If you have any questions, please contact our office.